Leku – Lunch with the Warren Buffett of the art world

Yesterday we had lunch at @lekumiami – an integral part of the new @rubellmuseum in the emerging Allapattah neighborhood of Miami.

The museum (a beautifully converted old warehouse complex with a charming terrace & garden) hosts parts of the vast art collection of Don Rubell and @merarubell. Together they have been buying modern art since the 60s, frequently right at the source, i.e. the artist’s studio – sometimes “for a price of a haircut”, as they once said jokingly.

This is where our comparison in the title to Warren Buffett comes from. They came in early with a vision for quality and kept on to (most) of their purchases ever since. Just like Mr. Buffett their fortune increased over time in line with the value appreciation of the acquired artwork. In addition the Rubells made early moves on hotel properties in South Beach and Balharbour as well as real-estate in Wynnwood.

I sincerely hope they don’t take offense with the comparison.

The museum itself is phenomenal if you like modern art and immensely inspirational. Many parts of the collection simply break down the over-protective, puritanical view of society – which seems to take over these days.

Case in point is a group installation which shows a lot of nudity – it takes guts to buy such a piece and even more to present it. Once you find it there (sure you will) happy to hear your thoughts ))

To sum it up: an amazing place & food at Leku was absolutely first class! We will write about it in more detail in one of our next posts.

Don’t miss out on a trip to the Museum and lunch (now also open for dinner) at Leku. Absolutely worth anybody’s while!!!


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