Living in Austrian Hotel Sacher… in a bathroom…

The only thing remaining is the changes. In fact, the Sacher Corporation prides itself on its steady development and its adherence to the most modern standards within the luxury hotel class.

The Hotel Sacher is not only a living tradition, but also an expression of contemporary Austrian lifestyle. The hotel unites the old and the new Vienna in a unique atmosphere, while offering top-of-the-range comfort. This, of course, means that you have a modern technological infrastructure at your service which in turn lives up to the most luxurious standards. However, doors are still pushed open by human hands and the wakeup call still comes from a real person.

The character of the Hotel Sacher Vienna is forged by elegant furniture, selected antiques, sumptuous materials, as well as our famous collection of paintings.

Stylish materials lend each room its unique charm. At the Hotel Sacher all the guests have the opportunity to experience the genuine Viennese art de vivre.

Nine deluxe rooms were recently renovated. The furniture was selected by the hotel owner Elisabeth Guertler and as it was expected she demonstrated her excellent taste.

But GI team was amazed not by sofas and armchairs but the bathrooms mainly. Their size and opulent furnishings look as if you could live there!

P.S. The Hotel Sacher is a 5-star deluxe hotel, among the world’s top hotels, member of Leading Hotels of the World (LHW Member).



Madame Butterfly Presidential Suite
Junior Suite
Café Sacher Wien
Sacher Hotel
Sacher Hotel


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