Maharaja-Indian restaurant in Tallinn

Maharaja slogan says that they hold the crown of Indian cuisine…Let’s find out who actually does that in Tallinn?

The restaurant has its good sides, but GI wouldn’t call it the best Indian restaurant in the city.

Why not? First of all it took so long to prepare our food. Well, I understand that it is tourist season in Tallinn, but still….40 minutes is too long for us. Or maybe we were just so hungry?

The restaurant’s interior  has a claim to make you feel the atmosphere and spirit of India by the pictures of Indian themes, elephant statues, carpets and Indian music channel shown on TV, but Maharaja reminded us more of not so good quality and far from luxury Indian shop.

Why would we still recommend you to go there if you happen to be in Tallinn?

The restaurant’s location on Town Square makes the view from the windows and relaxing on the terrace really enjoyable and romantic. The waiters and waitresses were really nice and pleasant to talk to, relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant was so good that we still enjoyed being there despite of waiting for our food for so long .

By the way-the food was good!




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