Making small things in a great way…

Yesterday Monquer presented it’s new collection Marine, dedicated to sea and laconic beauty of eternal forms.


This beautiful event took place in a fashion school Istituto di Moda Burgo, located at Niine street in Kalamaja district-famous for its noble beauty and artistic atmosphere.


Thursday evening Tallinn atmosphere was calm and profound, the weather was cold, but sunny and I enjoyed Kalamaja’s bohemian charm while walking to Monquer’s presentation. 




The Place


I walked into a modern, all white room with large windows and stunning views from them. Behind one table guests were offered exclusive snacks and champagne and behind another long white table guests were offered other kind of the menu-for pleasing their eyes and souls-beautiful jewelry pieces…




The Collection


Same as with Cocoshnik, the name of the new collection is connected with a concise and flawless form, repeated in jewelry. Immortalized form gained new impetus in contemporary jewelry art.


The Perfomance


The performance of ballerina Maria Goltzman was accompanied by strings of cello.


Beauty of jewelry art, music and dance lived in one space. Such a generous present from Monquer to the connosseurs!

Unique Details and Perfect Images by Monquer.

10369478_1505549526333846_1160804663_n 10302095_775576402475316_2742872501594989667_n



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