Mao Zedong, or How to increase your painting’s value…

At Christie’s auction in New York a portrait of Mao Zedong, previously owned by photographer, artist, director, actor and collector Dennis Hopper, was sold for 302.5 thousand USD. This is one of 250 copies of the Chinese Cultural Revolution leader’s portrait created in 1972 by leader of the pop-cultural revolution Andy Warhol.

Hopper twice shot in its own copy of the N 144. Warhol was so pleased with the extravagant Hopper’s deed that he signed the remaining holes as a “warning shot” and “bullet hole”. Hopper’s artistic contribution significantly increased value of the work in the eyes of collectors. Investment banker Ahmad Khan had paid for the result of joint creative work more than ten times the estimate, which amounted to only 30 thousand USD.


"Mao" by Andy Warhol, sold for 302,500 USD




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