Miami weekend notes – October 4th, 2020

Friday night at @swanmiami (full review to follow) in the design district. Both inside and outside (despite some rain) filled to capacity. The Second floor dining area used for a private event to watch the @Miamiheat game against the @Lakers. Does not look good for out team two down but they’re comeback kids.

Swan continues to attract the rich & beautiful in the 25/40 range and keeps them happy & entertained (with themselves obviously 😂😀) but also with decent food and good cocktails.

Saturday reserved for sports, tennis 🎾 that is. @Stacy.schauerte making good progress on the court.

Coffee & sandwiches at @pinocchioonthebay. Pleasant Italian place with a nice view on the bay & ok cappuccino. They’re Italians 🇮🇹 – but how can they offer “real” Tramezzini without cutting the crust of the bread??

That area is also pet central – we have never seen so many dogs 🐕 🐶 in one place. All this a clear sign that the petboom continues to run at full steam in Miami!!

Saturday night at a private (very) club in Fort Lauderdale. Steamy, hot with cool people. DM if you like to know more 👠🩱.

Sunday breakfast at @blvdbaes – a very laidback place on Biscayne Boulevard with homestyle food, generous portions & friendly service.

Tonight basketball 🏀 with the third game of the NBA finals scheduled at 7.30pm!! Any recommendations for the BEST place to watch it??


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