Miami Weekend Notes – October 11th, 2020 🗒☀️💫

Headline news is certainly that Shisha & Hookah is back. See our previous review of @totem_miami about a pleasant first experience.

Most restaurants & bars close to Mary Brickell Village full on Friday night. As already written everything felt very much like normal times – yet with everybody playing by the new rules, for sure!! 😷 Curfew in Miami was extended to midnight (also good news!!)

Saturday sunset dinner at @Joiabeach, a new beach (day) club located on Jungle Island on the other side of the #Venetian. A beautiful place with beautiful people! Great addition to the Miami entertainment scene – which should have a bright future! A detailed write-up to follow!!

Afterwards quick visit to the bar at the Setai hotel (full) and then on to @mynt.lounge. Mynt Miami is now open from 8pm to 11pm Thursday through Saturday. Not packed to the hilt but very good turnout given the circumstances. Fun to watch @stacy.schauerte and @thenicoleck putting on quite a show on the dance floor! Great mix by the DJ (?). Just weird that they really put the light 💡 on at 11pm sharp. Really weird!!

As everything shuts down at that time we had nargile in our own shisha lounge to finish the night off.

Sunday breakfast at @kyumiami. Really cool place in Wynnwood with many very tasty brunch options (Sunday only). @Zakthebaker (our new favorite place for bagels) unfortunately closed. But KYU was a good alternative!

Miami Dolphins are winning NOW against 49ers and the Miami Heat should do the same tonight!! Go Heat – never give up!

So Miami is doing GREAT – as are we!

How was your weekend so far?? Happy to hear more – especially from our friends in London, Istanbul, Moscow and here in South Florida 💕🌴🇺🇸 🇷🇺 🇹🇷 🇬🇧 ❤️⭐️🔜‼️🔆


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