Mikhail Lermontov’s Masquerade

I combined quotes from Mikhail Lermontov’s Masquerade and images from strangelycompelling.tumblr.com

At first I thought my idea wouldn’t work…but it did…The combination of Russian classics and alternative editorials from the latest high fashion publications look great. I also noticed that time hasn’t changed much the masquerade of human souls…Passions never change doesn’ t matter the culture and time we live in.

– There is nothing sacred in you. Are you human being or demon?
– Me?-I am a gambler!



At that time I knew the price of gold,
But the price of a life I did not know …


The mask doesn’t have a soul,
And if the mask hides the features,
That mask is bravely removed from the  feelings.


And if you could throw a soul at stake,
I would put mine against yours.


You want to have everything, but you can’t sacrifice;
You despise people without pride and heart,
And you are the toy of those people.


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