Models: Anna Selezneva-so natural girl!

A very successful Russian model Anna Selezneva has shared her beauty secrets at

Here we give you a quintessence of her beauty habits!

In daily life Anna almost doesn’t use any make up and looks very healthy.

Before the fashion weeks Anna trains a lot and goes for massage. Previously Anna allowed herself to eat almost everything but now she has some restrictions given to her by nutritionist-animal protein 3 times a week, most of the daily ration should consist of fruits and vegetables, once a week-fasting day (water or fruit juices). Organic food is a preference!

Anna is a fan of Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga. She also goes to a fitness club.

Every day she starts with the lemon water. Same habit has Natasha Vodianova! 🙂

Anna loves natural make up and organic cosmetics. She uses Weleda oils for body moisturizing. Instead of perfumes she uses essential oils.

Of course being just a human Anna allows herself some weaknesses-Georgian cuisine. When she comes to Moscow, she can’t resist to enjoy some hachapuri 🙂


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