Monica Bellucci quotes-she is not a movie start, she is an actress!

I find that Monica Bellucci book misses her quotes. Personally I love them. She is not just a pretty face. She is beautiful and wise woman. It would be great to read them in chronological order and to see her personal¬†development and way of thinking¬†throughout her twenty-year career. Here I try to recoup it’s losses.

We all need illusions. That’s why we love movies.
Sometimes it’s more difficult to exist as a female lead, especially in action movies because all those men are around you. They take so much place.
Time destroys everything.
Now, all the movies are for teenagers. It’s very difficult for an actress to find really deep, beautiful characters to play.
Irreversible is not glamorous at all. I try to do different things because I want to grow as an actress and I like to take risks.
I’m not a movie star. I’m just an actress.
I feel fine and comfortable with myself, but not because I’m beautiful.
When people divorce, it’s always such a tragedy. At the same time, if people stay together it can be even worse.
In a couple, sometimes, one or both people have to give up their personal life, dreams and ambitions for the good of the family.
Monica in Shoot 'Em Up from IMDB


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