Moscow hotel “Budapest” is sold for 1 billion rubles

On the sale of luxury hotel “Budapest” city earned almost nine times less than with  the “Metropol”, and almost five times less with the “National”

The city authorities have got rid of one more hotel asset.

The auction winner is “Newbuilding +”

“Budapest” is not the first hotel asset that the city government has put up for auction, and the cheapest legendary hotel sold.

The hotel was built in 1876 by the architect Freidenberg and now it is a cultural value of Moscow city.

In August 2012, the city has already sold “Metropol” for 8.874 billion rubles. And in December 2011 “National” was sold. Also they prepared to selling hotel “Radisson-Slavic”. For the hotel building and a land area of ​​3.2 hectares under it Moscow asks 5.27 billion rubles.

Premium Suite (LUX)


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