Movie/La repentie

There is no more terrible tragedy then repentance.

Valentin Pikul

So unusual, subtle, elegant and, of course, so French.

People want to change the mistakes of the past that oppress them. They want to forget about the conditions of life, about who they were – where they were born, and from whom. The main characters are trying to get away from it, but can not.

Mystery gives the film a special charm. Woman remains closed for her friend, distancing herself from him.

After betraying her closest friends whimsical and incredibly beautiful Adjani runs for her own pleasure to Nice, seeking for tranquility and entertainment . She is a very complicated and contradictory personality-vulnerable and at the same time cruel. This is her last chance to fix the fate and get the forgiveness of the loved ones.

Bitter almond taste of the salty sea…


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