Mr. Lee, Moscow

New project of Alexandr Novikov  “Mr. Lee” occupied the second floor of the famous Vogue Cafe, but, fortunately, did not become its ideological successor. It is time Vogue Cafe changed the habitual course of Moscow restaurants, bringing the idea of the restaurant kitchen simplification into the absolute: in a very fashionable at the time restaurant the most fashionable public was enthusiastically eating sausage sandwiches, taking to drink the kefir.

So an unspoken culinary revolution happened in Moscow, which deprived the professional gastronomy its legitimate rights and approved the legitimacy in premium class restaurants.

GI hopes, “Mr. Lee” will play remarkable missionary role, but with the opposite effect.

The cuisine of the restaurant is traditional pan-Asian. The half of the menu is devoted to the Chinese cuisine. There are dishes from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore at the menu. Special recommendation of head cook  Jonathon Curtis have secured such dishes as egg pachot in sweet soya sauce, salad with a hen, shrimps with pomelo, sharply-sour soup with seafood and crackling shrimps in Tom-yam sauce.

The absolutely all-sufficient cuisine is served in very modest interior. The main reference point for creation of an atmosphere of Mr. Lee restaurant were oriental restaurants of Shanghai. The main decoration point here is a wooden pagoda bought by Arcady Novikov in Singapore for a personal collection. GI may say that the history of Mr. Lee restaurant has begun with it.




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