Natalia Vodianova: Russian Vogue covers&her quotes

Success comes from happiness, because you attract positive energy when you give away positive energy.

Vogue Russia, September 2012

My mother – a single mum with three children – was almost too kind to other people, so nobody really got to understand her. Unless you have vanity, it’s very challenging for a woman to love herself.

Vogue Russia, June 2012

Men don’t discuss their problems. That’s what keeps them manly and perfect.

Vogue Russia, September 2010

Hard work is my etiquette in life. I will never just sit around and do nothing.

Vogue Russia, June 2009

Working on a fruit stall in Russia taught me how to experience physical pain. It’s nothing compared with emotional pain, because it’s controllable. I found childbirth a beautiful, natural pain; it’s part of a woman’s personal evolution.

Vogue Russia, March 2008


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