Oblomov: an Empty Experience

Location / Design

Oblomov is one of the contenders for offering the better, traditional Russian fare in Moscow. It is located in a mansion in the Dobryninskaya area. The interior is kept in XIX century Imperial Russia style. On the outside, Oblomov has a large outdoor terrace which is great on summer days.


On our visits, the place was effectively empty. This may be due to the fact that on one day a football match was broadcast so the crowd preferred the terrace, on the other day, a Friday in mid-November only few patrons frequented the restaurant. So definitely not an “In”-Place (if it had every been one) anymore!?


There was nothing really exciting about the food. Yes, it was traditional, yes, it was fresh, yes, it was prepared with care. On the other hand, it was plain boring, no twist, no surprise, just an “empty” experience. The Kamchatka crabs which came highly recommend did not thrill either. The staff is friendly and dressed in traditional costumes. A little bit too unintrusive though requiring occasional calls for attention.


Beer and vodka, the traditional companions of Russian food are readily available. GI concentrated on just that and ignored the wine list.

Overall Value & Rating

GI recommends the place for a low-profile lunch or dinner. The prices are reasonable by Moscow standards. In summer, the terrace is definitely an asset, which would make us come back. Otherwise we feel no incentive to return. Yard offers the better food, Nedalny Vostok the better crowd.




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