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Confiserie Sprüngli

Today the company is still owned by the family Sprüngli. Their main store is located at Bahnhofstrasse, which in 1909 was renovated in the style of an Art Nouveau.

Sprüngli’s gave the world  Luxemburgerlis…

These delicate mini- macaroons with their delicious fillings have become not just a symbol of Confiserie Sprüngli, but also an emblem for Zurich as such.

This speciality was developed more than 50 years ago at the prompting of Richard Sprüngli. Since then the recipe has been constantly refined and improved. The variety of flavours ranges from chocolate, Bourbon vanilla and champagne deluxe right through to raspberry deluxe, lemon and pistachio and is being constantly enhanced to include new irresistible flavour combinations.

Luxemburgerlis are produced using only natural ingredients, without any preservatives or artificial colours. That’s why Luxemburgerlis from Sprüngli can boast unmatched freshness. However, these macaroons are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in humidity. So it’s possible despite meticulous production methods and use of the freshest possible ingredients that some Luxemburgerlis – depending on the filling – may lose their airy consistency quite quickly. That’s why Confiserie Sprüngli recommends that you should enjoy them  immediately!

You also have to taste Truffes du Jour. The world’s freshest truffles, Truffes du Jour, consist of ganache that is produced fresh every day from chocolate, fresh cream and butter using Confiserie Sprüngli’s own special recipe. Their creamy consistency and silky smoothness are the result of a precise sequence of gentle warming and cooling plus careful mixing and stirring. This exquisite ganache is piped into thin-walled chocolate balls which are then coated in dark or milk chocolate. Heavenly! This unique delicacy is sold within 24 hours of production.





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