Perfumery/Citrus paradisi

The grapefruit (Citrus paradise) is one of the main ingredients in a range of perfumes with a fine citrusy accord. Same as the rest of the citrus notes, grapefruit is predominately powerful in top notes, it lends a zesty and fresh start to the composition, and provides lively introduction to the middle and base notes. Depending on the sort of the grapefruit, the olfactory properties of the oil may vary from bitter and sharp notes of white grape, to sweet, delicate and milder nuances of red and pink sorts. Recently, the grapefruit ‘bitter-green-woody’ nuance has become popular in perfumery as a variation of the classical Eau de Cologne theme and it is used for creation of both female and male perfumes.

Perfect examples of grapefruit-influenced  fragrances are:

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune Guerlain for women




It is a sparkling and fresh eau de toilette for women, designed to be reminiscent of taking a walk in the garden.

Grapefruit Jo Malone for women and men

nd.5584This perfume is inspired by the British tradition of daily tea ritual, and delivers refreshing and invigorating scent of grapefruit as from the first morning cup of tea.

Grapefruit Antica Farmacista for women

Antica processed the grapefruit essence and as a result we have a clean, fresh, invigorating fragrance prized by citrus aficionados. A favorite in Italy for centuries, Grapefruit is loved by both men and women.




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