Peter I was right on …

Location & Check-In

The hotel Peter I is located in a side street about five minutes off Red Square, close to the Tsum Department Store and Vogue Cafe. Opened in 2006 it maintains a great mix of quality, location and service. The facade is traditional and integrates well into the historic neighborhood. Reception and restaurant areas are welcoming and traditional in a good sense.


The rooms have more modern furniture than the public areas; the bathrooms are fully equipped and even the smaller rooms to the back-side are quite spacious. Everything was clean and spotless, quite pleasant and positive.


The breakfast, lunch and dinner options are traditional Russian. Do not expect anything modern. Overall, the quality of the food is decent. Downside are canned orange juice and non-descript yogurts. The freshly-prepared egg dishes, in particular omelettes, are recommended and inclusive.


The location is great, the staff is friendly, it has a business centre-what is lacks is a spa. The hotel works with a traditional Russian banja in the neighborhood but that does not reduce the need for one on site.

Overall Value & Rating

No doubt: Peter I is a very good, decent hotel in a classy neighborhood. On the other hand, despite the current reductions, it remains somewhat pricey given the lack of spa facilities. GI recommends it to business travelers who do not want to pay double and triple the prices in the more well-know branded hotels in the area such as the Hyatt (across the street) or the Ritz-Carlton. But do not expect miracles.




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