Pokrovka Suite MaMaison

Location & Check-In:

Central, but somewhat off the Red Square area. Neighborhood not overly classy but ok. Facade totally standard, but lobby furniture & interior design rather cool. Staff friendly with decent English.


Went for one of their suite/appartment options. Great with two separate bed-rooms and a large kitchen / living area. If you plan to stay for a few days totally convenient.


Breakfast buffet is ok but not too well maintained, notably when you arrive later. Service very patchy to say the least. Specifically prepared egg dishes decent.


Spa & Pool area modern, spacious & well-maintained. Rather sexy advertising everywhere for the spa brand being applied. Also worth a visit when not staying there.

Overall Value & Rating:

If you are willing to come up with the money for the suite appartments (rates are very flexible these days; you can knock them down at least 25-30%) but still pricey a recommended option.




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