Quickie in South Beach – call me baby!!

Oops – Freudian mistake – this one is actually about @Callmegabymb – a Mediterranean-style restaurant South of Fifth, one of our favorite areas in Miami. Owned by Cathy Coco, a restaurateur of French origin – like quite a few in Miami – it is a very warm & feminine place with a beautiful, cozy terrace.

Atmosphere: the outside is the place to be – with wooden, rustic furniture and beautiful pillows/decoration surrounded everywhere by plants and flowers. Great to stretch out & lounge. 8/10

Crowd: very lively during evening hours, attractive locals from the SoFi hood, popular also with out-of-towners. 7/10

Food: great pizza, great tiramisu, great Nutella sticks, average grilled veggies,
pretty good overall – 8/10

Drinks: had a bottle of well-priced Rosé, it was hot, lunchtime and that’s all I can remember – was a quickie after all 😅😇 7/10.

Service: not much going on over lunch so quick, good, forthcoming. Also working well during peak hours. 7/10

Overall 37/50: easy, relaxed & very pretty place. Not necessarily for a dinner you’ll always remember but you can’t go wrong there for a first date ❤️👄💄 – and a truly excellent 🌟🌟🌟 pizza 🍕!!


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