Restaurant/Best terrace in Old City!

The history

Leib ja Aed (Bread and Garden) restaurant was previosuly called Scottish club, but it changed the conception keeping at the same time a little piece of the old place spirit for the people who used to come here long time ago, enjoying its hub atmosphere: sheepskins on the chairs, fireplace inside. There is still a respect for the history and Scottish traditions, through their Scottish Room, which can be reserved for catered events or private meetings.

New place

New place is called after the Bread and Garden, because the restaurant offers handmade bread with foods made from natural, local ingredients.

Leib and Resto is the place for those who love simple food made from the freshest ingredients and don’t like pretentious food, stuffy service, or overpriced menus.

 Crème brûlée with black bread and their hand-made bread were really more then good…

Add the old city’s most stunning terrace and you fall in love with the place…

In the autumn/winter I will get you acquainted with the restaurant’s interior!

But it is a summer, so let’s enjoy the terraces!


Photos: Leib Resto ja Aed


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