Revolution in the Palace of Culture!

Revolution restaurant&bar is a joint project of Arkady Novikov and gallery owner Emilian Zakharov. The restaurant is located in the old Moscow mansion– it’s a real palace in the modernist style with five meters ceilings. The project revives undeservedly forgotten Palace of Culture with an emphasis on culture, food, drink, and service.

Restaurant’s cuisine is simple and clear–European dishes, based on Italian cuisine. Menu is regularly updated and one can always find there special seasonal offers.

The halls of Revolutions are decorated with provocative exhibition of contemporary artists works, among them – Anatoly Belkin, Alexei Morozov, Alexei Belyaev-Gintovt, Vladimir Glynin, Sergei Chaika, Thanatos Banionis, Haim Sokol, Damien Hirst, Jake & Dinos Chapman, and others.

The paintings are are not only exposed but also sold!

Another important educational component of the project – concerts of rising  pop stars – progressive and unusual!

Revolution is a great symbiosis of modern art, gastronomy and entertainment club.




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