Russian Art/Heroic Russians

Russian Art/Heroic Russians

Viktor Vasnetsov was a Russian artist who specialized in mythological and historical subjects.

You can see his works at Tretyakov Gallery.

The Three Heroes ("Три богатыря" [Tri Bogatyrya]) by V.Vasnetsov

The Three Heroes (“Три богатыря” [Tri Bogatyrya]) by V.Vasnetsov

The duel of Alexander Peresvet and Mamai's champion (Поединок Пересвета с Челубеем)

The duel of Alexander Peresvet and Mamai’s champion (Поединок Пересвета с Челубеем)

After Igor Svyatoslavich's fighting with the Polovtsy'

After Igor Svyatoslavich’s fighting with the Polovtsy’