Russian Art/Unknown works of Karl Bryullov in Russian Museum

What? Karl Bryullov from the private collections exhibition

When? 28 August – 04 November 2013

Where? Mikhailovsky Palace (Hall 13)

GI comment: The exhibition presents the 10 authentic works by famous Russian artist Karl Brullov (1799-1852) that are stored in private collections of Russia. These works that are not drawings and water colors but the examples of oil painting gives the fine opportunity to trace back the artist’s creative path on the several significant examples that presents different periods of Brullov’s art. At the same time each of the artist’s paintings presented on this exhibition can attract close interest of viewers and specialists and reveal unexpected hues and details and so is necessary for the investigation of Brullov’s creative oeuvre and for the induction of artist’s work in the science use.



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