Russian souvenirs

Did I write about shopping mall Gum which is looking more like a palace than a shopping center?

Three arcades, centered around a fountain and roofed by a splendid glass ceiling – magnificent! There is an amazing USSR style supermarket with the vintage style food boxes.

Also there is a huge souvenir shop, so if you want to get some presents for your friends-go there!

Russian souvenirs reflect the national character and soul of Russian people so exactly and bright that you can enjoy looking at and studying them endlessly.

My favorite and the most famous souvenirs are:

Matreshka dolls

Fur Hats

Gzhel ceramics

Russian felt boots (valenki)

I bought a lot of Matreshka dolls and few different USSR style hats. I hope my friends will like it, otherwise I will have to keep it for myself, which I don’t mind at all =)


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