Russian traditions in Troikka restaurant, Helsinki

The 40-year-old restaurant Troikka is on a new rise. Troikka is one of the first Russian restaurants opened in Helsinki. The food is hearty and down-to-earth, and the flavors are high culture. Jarno Kuutti, the new chef, is responsible for the good quality cuisine. The service is warm – and as a result, customers love Troikka…

Troikka also follows the seasons. In the autumn, mushrooms and rabbit are served, and winter is a good time for enjoying blinis. The vendace roe that accompanies the blinis comes straight from the grower. Food is washed down with Russian sparkling wine and, as Russian custom entails, with vodka.

The Troikka restaurant has a 10-person cabinet for private dinners – so that you can spend a wonderful time with your closest friends…




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