SfääR-Resto&Store! Tallinn, Estonia

SfääR-Resto&Store! Tallinn, Estonia

GI were confused…Is it a boutique attached to the restaurant or the restaurant attached to a boutique? Or perhaps it is a club after all?

Brick walls painted in white, huge windows, shelves stacked with wine bottles, teas, gadgets, Acne and Nudie Jeans, pleasant public, light Scandinavian cuisine, Italian wines and magazines in all different languages.

You enter after being allured by the bag in the shop window, and then you purchase a T-shirt and a jar of some exclusive tea. Take a seat in the corner and order something like cod or scallops with a celery root puree, take a bottle of wine and start calling your friends. What started with a quick visit to the store ends up keeping you far after midnight…



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