Shades of Orange!

In this post I want to give you larger overview of various shades of the color orange.

First of all, being located between red and yellow orange is the warmest color in the color wheel.

Amber. The color amber is a pure chroma color, located on the color wheel midway between yellow and orange.

Apricot. It is a light yellowish-orangish color that is similar to the color of apricots. However, it is somewhat paler than actual apricots.

Burnt orange has been used as a color name for this medium dark shade of orange since 1915

Carrot orange is a tint of orange that is a representation of the color of the raw carrot vegetable.

Coral is a pinkish-orange color.

Ochre is a natural earth pigment containing hydrated iron oxide, which ranges in color from yellow to deep orange or brown.

Orange peel is the color halfway between orange (color wheel) and amber on the color wheel.

Persimmon is a color that resembles persimmons.

Pumpkin is a color that resembles pumpkins.

Photo: Flaming June, by Lord Leighton (1895); source:



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