Some sensuality by Anais )

If you see Anais Pouliot in Glass Magazine’s spring 2013 issue then you understand why she is so much adored right now by famous photographers.

Gorgeous girl, styled with glittering eyes and red lips and sometimes in nothing at all look absolutely striking above and below.

Bojana Tatarska’s shoot Little Girl is, in two words, sensual and beautiful.

Magazine: Glass Magazine Issue: #13 Spring 2013
Model: Anais Pouliot
Photography: Bojana Tatarska
Styling: Nicola Kavanagh
Hair: Gilles Degivry
Makeup: Alice Ghendrih
Anais-Pouliot-by-Bojana-Tatarska-for-Glass-Magazine-13-7Anais Pouliot Glass Magazine Spring 2013-002Anais Pouliot Glass Magazine Spring 2013-003AnaisPouliotbyBojanaTatarska4


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