The beautiful Russian movies

Today I continue about the beautiful cinema…

5. The Mirror, 1975. Andrei Tarkovsky, USSR.

This movie owes its’ beauty not only to Tarkovsky, but to Rerberg. Georgy Rerberg -a brillianto perator with whom the director fell out, and they didn’t work together anymore…It’s a great pity-some frames has etched in my memory forever.

6. Godess: how I fell in love, 2004. Renata Litvinova, Russia.

Beautiful surrealistic drama. It has everything: genial frames, genial quotes and the Godess Renata, who is incomparable in her sense of the world. She is far from the accepted standards of beauty, but who came up with these standards? She is a godess, because she is too unconventional and weird to be a common, normal woman.

After watching it for the first time there were a chaos of thoughts and emotions in my head. It is impossible to get tired of watching this movie again and again. Every time you see something radically new, what used to run away from not so vigilant eye. This materpiece is for real movie connoisseurs.

Renata Litvinova in “Godess: how I fell in love”, picture taken from


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