Spirit cafe, Tallinn-we love it!

On Walpurgisnacht we happened to be in the cafe called Spirit.  During the last hours of the day time the atmosphere was lively, but with the night arrival it turned intimate and relaxed-both luxurious and comfy!

The interior is a mixture of Earthy elements-wooden floors, stone walls, fireplace, animal furs hangings on the walls and lying on the floor. White couches and walls give the feeling of light, purity and space.

The menu offerings include starters, salads (I highly recommend you to try goat cheese with grilled vegetables), soups, pasta,  sushi plates, main dishes (for example Lamb cutlet with potato & mushrooms sautee in rosemary sauce), desserts and a good selection of classic cocktails.

Spirit is a good place for exhibitions. Sitting in a nice relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the art…Can it be any better? This time GI enjoyed an exhibition of marvelous photographs made by the local artists. The works perfectly blended with the cafe interior –sea motives with its rocky coast, thrown down snag with the glamorous people sitting, lying on it…Just like Spirit!



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