Sunglasses fashion trends 2011. Protect Your eyes from the sun and stay trendy!

Sunglasses became a part of everyday life as the main accessory of all fashionable people. Before their function was just protecting the eyes from the sun, but nowadays they became an integral part of the modern person’s image-the final trait.

Sunglasses fashion trends 2011

Summer is the time when the actuality of sunglasses is increasing.

What are the trends in the sunglasses fashion right now?

This can be judged on the basis of the trends defined by the leading fashion designers in their collections.

Fashionable frames 2011

This summer we are having an opportunity to recall the fashion of the last century.

Round-frame sunglasses are this summer’s instant cult hit.It is  relevant to small and large frame sizes.

Cat eye-frame sunglasses will gladden the eye of cat woman admirers, this frame came to us from the first half of 20th century.

The admirers of “The Aviator” will be finally able to try the image of Kate Beckinsale!

Precisely this type of sunglasses is popular now!

Last but not least

And of course fashion houses couldn’t pass over a futuristic style, presented by creative models of sunglasses.



Yves Saint Laurent's round-frame transparent acetate sunglasses with contrast gray-green lenses
Prada's round-frame sunglasses: black and camel acetate, brown graduated lenses, silver designer stamp at scroll-detailed arms
Prada round-frame sunglasses: ivory acetate, brown graduated lenses, silver designer stamp at scroll-detailed arms
Prada cat eye-frame sunglasses: glossy and matte black acetate, gray graduated lenses, silver designer stamp at arms
Gucci aviator sunglasses: olive metal, signature green and red stripes at acetate arms, mirrored lenses, subtle designer signature at one lens
Victoria Beckham's limited-edition gold metal aviator sunglasses
Alexander Wang's tortoiseshell acetate and gold metal sunglasses


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