Sunny Isles – Moscow on the Beach – Part I

GI has evidently a penchant for anything Russian – so on a recent trip to Florida we looked for a bit of Russia in the sun. Spending time in the Trump Palace at Sunny Isles we frequently bumped into Russian beauties training to become the next Ana Chapman – and kissing alligators. (We will provide a full report in a later publication). For the time being, we provide you with a list of places we checked out in Miami Beach: “STK”, a steak restaurant at the Gansevoort Hotel (best on Monday nights); Delano’s – the happening place on any Tuesday, packed with high quality material allover the spectacular Starck-designed lobby, bar area as well as outdoor terraces; Louis Bar Lounge (kicking in around mid-night) and Wall Lounge at the W Hotel. More too follow, keep coming back …




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