Sweet life

Since the second half of the 19th century, when Swiss Rodolphe Lindt developed chocolate manufacture and  invented conching to produce a smooth creamy cocoa mass, that melts on the tongue, our life became sweeter!

Switzerland became the world’s largest manufacturer of the product. Local chocolate houses became  not only the custodians of traditional recipes, but also the trendsetters for new tastes.

GI offers You a guide to the places where you can taste the most exquisite, rare and unexpected varieties of the chocolate….

Let’s start with…

Tristan Artisan Chocolatier

Handmade chocolate production, specially developed recipes. All products are made of  raw ingredients severely selected by Tristan. There you can find and enjoy les truffes à l ancienne, les rochers (this s is a cluster of almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios roasted, caramelized and “cemented” with a melted chocolate), chocolate bricks, les feuillantines and a lot of other various sweet products…





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