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  • How to relax like a cat?

    How to relax like a cat?

    After seeing stunning Anais Pouliot in Oysho Winter 2012 lingerie collection campaign on a carpet and Alena Akhmadullina’s FW 13/14 ad...

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  • Zizi-100% linen shop

    Zizi-100% linen shop

    ZIZI is an Estonian textile company, established 1996. All ZIZI home textile products are designed and manufactured in Estonia. Only...

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  • Benefits of linen

    Benefits of linen

    Linen  is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen fabrics have a high natural luster; their...

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  • Design: Charlotte Perriand

    Design: Charlotte Perriand

    Charlotte has an extraordinary talent for interior design. Just take a look at her Nuage collection. The abstract insights of...

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  • Meritalia Sofa Michetta

    Meritalia Sofa Michetta

    As you have already guessed-we love Sofas! Sofa is our favorite furniture item…This sofa is really interesting because it is...

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  • Spring Décor-Desert Modern

    Spring Décor-Desert Modern

    We fell in love with Ralph Lauren’s furniture collection Desert Mode-clean soft line, natural materials. The color palette of the...

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  • Spring home décor

    Spring home décor

    Observations The shape of this vase reminds some people the sun, the others a nest or a flower…Designer confessed that...

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  • Five best pastry shops in Europe – Ladurée Royale, Paris

    Five best pastry shops in Europe – Ladurée Royale, Paris

    Ladurée Royale, 16 rue Royale, Paris-Fashion has never tasted so good… In addition to dainty macarons, coming in a limited-series...

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  • Russian furniture-Virginia

    Russian furniture-Virginia

    Simple lines, stylish elements, universalism, many options of design compositions- bright or neutral colors combinations – all this gives a...

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  • Russian furniture

    Russian furniture

    Russian furniture company Mekran  launched  its new furniture collection Freurance. The names comes from Fleures de Provаnce–flowers of Provance and...

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