Yves Saint Laurent Archive

  • fashion through the decades (a short course of history 60s)

    fashion through the decades (a short course of history 60s)

    Yves Saint Laurent Pierre Cardin Beatles Jacki Kennedy Pret-a-porter Mini skirt Twiggi H silhouette Bob haircut Babetta hairstyle Synthetic fabrics...

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  • Shoes/Editor’s pick up

    Shoes/Editor’s pick up

    Such YSL shoes will make every woman feel sexy and confident as they strike the perfect balance between elegance and...

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  • Dark deeds

    Dark deeds

    “Every one is a moon, and has a dark side!” Mark Twain A darkness has always been associated with the...

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  • Quote of the month

    Quote of the month

    “The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” — Yves Saint Laurent YSL

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  • Season: Gloves

    Season: Gloves

    Wear gloves with T-shirts and dresses. They can be short or long. And very very sexy… The hottest fabrics: suede, cashmere,...

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  • White magic

    White magic

    If there is one stand-out color this spring it’s White. Serene, clean, luxurious lines are the features that characterize this...

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  • Gentlemen of Luxury!

    Gentlemen of Luxury!

    Modern fashion industry is constantly looking for inspiration from the past. So do us! GI is stunned by the photo...

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  • What boots to buy?

    What boots to buy?

    Knee boots are a fall essential! We love high heel leather knee and thigh boots-sophisticated and sexy they add  instant...

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  • For special occasions

    For special occasions

    Stefano Pilati has created a new collection of dresses Yves Saint Laurent Edition Soir. Those are not just evening gowns...

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  • Andrée Putman design

    Andrée Putman design

    Maybe you don’t know who Andrée Putman is, but definitely you have heard about her creations as this Parisian, born...

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