Talented Russian writer Valentin Pikul

Valentin Pikul, a popular historical novelist whose books are devoted to the various phases of Russian history.

Born July 13, 1928.

Died in Riga July 16, 1990.

Total circulation of books during the life period of a writer (excluding magazines and international publications) was approximately 20 million copies.

Money received for the books were often sacrificed by the writer for something what he found more necessary: for example, the State Prize of the for the novel “Battlestar” V.Pikul gave to the Armenian earthquake victims on December 7, 1988, the Ministry of Defense Award were given to Riga’s hospital, where the soldiers of Afgan were treated, prize for his novel “Favorite” he gave to the Latvian Fund for Peace.

Books of Pikulcontinue to be in high demand and are published and reprinted almost every year. According to the widow of the writer, by 2008, their total circulation reached 500 million copies.

Some of his quotes:

Actually, the most terrible people are idealists.

The feeling of the golden mean is not given to anyone, there must be a talent for it. Talentless actors always overact.

In the neighborhood of paradise there was a hell…

Photo source: http://www.litres.ru/valentin-pikul/


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