The classics that inspire us-Madame Bovary and Three Sisters

“Madame Bovary” is certainly The Book. It is especially very good and useful fora girl who is not able to live in a provincial routine, but having not enough will and determination to change her life. For such people, “Madame Bovary” may be a good kick to follow. Just alike a Chekhov‘s play “Three Sisters”. Try to imagine that you can turn into Emma Bovary or one of the Prozorov sisters, you will immediately  jump off the couch! Animal fear is a powerful incentive to action, along with ambitions, as it creates the  thing that  called “the courage of despair.”

“Before she married, she thought she was in love; but the happiness that should have resulted from that love, somehow had not come. It seemed to her that she must have made a mistake, have misunderstood in some way or another. And Emma tried hard to discover what, precisely, it was in life that was denoted by the words ‘joy, passion, intoxication’, which had always looked so fine to her in books.”
– Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary, Ch. 5

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