The exposition of marzipan works in Tallinn

The Marzipan Museum (currently, the Marzipan Gallery) dedicated to the exquisite sweet popular in Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France and many other European countries was opened on 16 December 2006 in Tallinn’s Old Town. For several years the gallery was located on Viru street, but later it moved to the more convenient premises on 40 Pikk Street.

In the Marzipan Gallery (40 Pikk Street) you can:

– review the regularly updated marzipan exhibition (Tallinn’s sights made in marzipan, fairy tale stories, musical instruments, marzipan busts of stars and many other interesting things);

– order a guided tour for a group of visitors with sculpting and painting marzipan figures;

– sculpt and paint your own marzipan figure;

– purchase marzipan confectionery in the first floor store to enjoy with a cup of tea, as a memento of the Old Tallinn or as a gift to a loved one;

– rent a room to organize a party;

– place a special order.


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