The Lips

If you were born with Angelina Jolie, Anais Pouliot or Jessica Alba lips-Congratulations! You are irresistible and men dream of kissing your lips.

But still we can show you how to make your lips appear sexier with these makeup tips-à la guerre comme à la guerre.

Sexy lips are healthy looking and well groomed. Never forget to moist them with the lip balm. Lip make must be done neatly! Lipstick color must flatter your skin tone, eyes, hair…

Your Arsenal:

Lip Balm-we love having smooth lips.

Add to your daily morning ritual a new procedure-add “brushing your lips”using a soft toothbrush and putting a lip balm afterwards. Personally we are doing this every time before applying your lipstick.

Lipliner is used to shape your lips and to keep your lipstick from spreading. Works equally good with lipstick and gloss. Since gloss tend to wear off quicker if you fill in lips first with the liner, the gloss has something to stick. Too dark always looks bad! Liner must match the lipstick or gloss. We usually start by drawing a little V on the cupid’s bow before lining the lips with newly-sharpened pencil. This is done along the natural lip line, without an exception. Never apply the linervoutside your natural lip line. Trying to make your lips appear bigger will end up in disaster.

Lipstick&Lipgloss. One more time-lipstick never looks good on dry flaky lips. So whenever you feel so, use lip balm.

There are not strict rules of how to apply lipstick. Some of us start from V and others from the centre. As long as the color gets on the lips, it is fine!

In our next posts we teach you how to choose the right lipstick and gloss.

Lipstick brush. Many people apply the lipstick directly from the stick. This is ok, but it’s a lot easier  to get the right amount  in the right place with a brush!

Done? To finish blot with a one ply tissue and then dab on a bit of face powder to set the color. If you do this you can drink, smoke, and kiss all night long and your lipstick will stay.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Gloss 01 100% Organic
Dior Lipliner pencil


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