The most interesting exhibitions to visit this month in Moscow, Russia

What? “Carl Fabergé and Masters of stone carving. Russian masterpieces of semi-precious stones.”

When? 08 April- 24 July, 2011

Where? Moscow Kremlin Museum

GI comment: You have probably already seen Imperial Easter Eggs in The Armoury Chamber, but what about Michel Perchin Desk clock with key?

What? “Unreal advertisement. Russian poster of the beginning of the twentieth century.” Russian advertisement posters XIX-XX centuries.

When? 29 April- 11 September, 2011

Where? The State Tretyakov Gallery

GI comment: Sheets from the collection of F. Fedorov and the unique examples of the immigrant artists theatrical posters  are making the basis of the museum’s collection of this kind of graphics.

What? Vladimir Glynin’s project “Zoo”

When? …till the 17 April, 2011

Where? Project 3,14

GI comment: The photograph’s friends-famous Moscow people-are wearing animal masks to reflect their inner essence.




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