The most selected for auction sale

Sotheby’s autumn pre-auction exhibition in Moscow has already become a tradition.

The largest block of works in the exhibition is Russian Art to be presented at auction in New York on November 4, when Russian artists will be sold mixed with Impressionists (the innovative approach created by Sotheby’s which had a success last year). For example, from the collection of billionaire and philanthropist Gordon Getty (son of Paul Getty – the founder of the Getty Museum) there is a small gouache by Konstantin Somov Les Sylphides (est. 120m-180m USD). In addition, there you can find a futuristic collision of Japan and America, 1921, by David Burliuk.

From the London auction sale of Russian Art comes only one work, but undoubtedly the top lot – this is The Dance of Kouli-Kouta, 1925, by Alexander Yakovlev. The painter was inspired by famous journey to Africa with Citroen, and now we can see the results that caused a sensation first in Paris at an exhibition in 1926, and then on the Russian Art market (painting Titi and Narang of the same series was sold at Sotheby’s for 2,5m GBP – the record price for the artist).

The exhibition of Russian artists’ works includes several of Impressionist and Modern. You can find there the latest ladies by Renoir, Willow, 1885, by Claude Monet, that represents the most important period for the artist (est. 4,5m-6,5m USD), and splendid Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne in Hat, 1917, by Modigliani (est. 9m-12m USD).

Moscow State Historical Museum, 21-23 October

Front painting: David Burliuk, Japan and America, 1921



Konstantin Somov, Les Sylphides, est. 120m-180m USD
Alexander Yakovlev, The Dance of Kouli-Kouta, 1925, est. 0,8m-1,2m GBP
Modigliani, Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne in Hat, 1917, est. 9m-12m USD
Claude Monet, Willow, 1885, est. 4,5m-6,5m USD


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