The spiciest season. Chakra-Indian restaurant in Tallinn

We continue the theme of Indian restaurants in the city of Tallinn.

Chakra restaurant was highly recommended by my friend who knows all ins and outs in beautiful city of Tallinn!

Tallinn is beautiful in this time of the year…It is not a summer yet but the promise that it will come and anticipation of something is usually tastier then this something by itself…

So we came to Tallinn to anticipate and enjoy and Chakra spiced up our waiting…

Location, exterior

The restaurant is located in Bremen pass (Bremeni käik), which is a very calm, but at the same time quite passable place. It is very original and doubly exotic that authentic Indian restaurant is located in a medieval building. But we are in Tallinn and in the Old city-there must be a spirit of it in every corner!


Everything is ultimately sophisticated, balanced and tasteful, there is no feeling that something is missing or that there is some surplus.  Bright accessories in Indian style are more like accents on the gray background of the building’s walls. Our compliments to the interior designer!

In the summer time it feels very comfortable behind those stone walls and in the winter when they put candles on every table it also feels very cozy.


All waitresses are young, very nice and friendly girls dressed in beautiful short minimalistic dresses.  The first time we were in Chakra they all wore light blue dresses and the second time we enjoyed them wearing same model atlas dresses with mosaic print in blue, brown and golden shades.

In addition to the friendliness to the guests girls demonstrated good manners and class.

Despite the crowd of tourists who had entered the restaurant just before us, we did not wait for our food a long time.


Indian, tasty, healthy, beautifully served. What else is needed?


Who wants to sit inside when it is such a beautiful sunny weather outside?

Chakra terrace is located in a calm and very beautiful yard surrounded by the beautiful building which reminds a castle. On the other side we enjoyed the view of the trees.

At the moment GI gives the crown of the best Indian restaurant in Tallinn. Who knows what we find out next, but Chakra impressed us!



Bremen pass


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