Today’s person is Serguei Teplov, in his excitement!

Serguei Teplov is a magician of Russian fashion-everything he touches turns to sexy clothing!

Workaholic Teplov presents four collections every season- Serguei Teplov and ST by Teplov (for young people).

What are the typical features of the Serguei Teplov brand?

Mr. Teplov says that they give more emphasis on design rather than decoration, the work with materials is more important than visual effects.

Serguei also marks that every designer’s objective  is to be one step ahead, because if you go the same level – you are a stylist, you are just working with the finished product. Designer must do everything faster. Today, it looks repugnant to you and tomorrow  it can look fascinating and sexy. Of course, no designer is able to create an attractive form  to please everyone. People’s perceptions can be diametrically opposite.  In fashion one cannot fail completely and it is totally impossible to get a complete success –that’s why this is all about excitement!




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