Totem – Hookahs are back in Miami!!

It looks like #Miami is getting back to normal somehow. Watching the @miamiheat WIN BIG yesterday at @moxies_miami with a cheering crowd felt great. Go Heat !!!

Even better: hookah lounge biz is back!!

First public smoke in a while @totem_miami, a (relatively) new venue east of #Wynnwood.

Atmosphere: relatively “standard” corner restaurant inside – but a spacious pleasant terrace outside. Comfortable sofas & lounge feeling. 5/8

Crowd: fun-loving locals & many pretty chicas already there in the (late) afternoon (see photo). Great neighborhood feel. 6/8

Shisha: they were caught a little
by surprise to be able to serve #Shisha – so everything pretty improvised. Limited tobacco selection (no double apple), artificial coal – yet the product was rather good, ready to smoke and despite the coal a very pleasant, long-lasting experience. Good omen for the real thing – they had real #shishacoal already coming in – hence 7/10.

Food: great happy hour snacks (croquetas, chicken bites, salmon ceviche, grilled pork belly) – all very yummy!! 6/8

Drinks: good lychee #Martini, #Mimosa & #Moscow Mule, prices very reasonable! 6/8.

Service: extremely attentive, helpful, friendly & quick. A little bit of a hick-up with the cheque but all-in-all really very good. 7/8.

A total of 37/50 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: highly recommended, great team, good #waterpipe, excellent food & drinks and pretty terrace!!🔝

Will come back 🔜!! 😀😀😀


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