Why Don’t You?

Keep following Ulyana Sergeenko’s blog I read the suggestions for the New Year gifts published in Harpers Bazaar December 1936 issue by Vreeland’s. Her Why Don’t You columns amaze the imagination and class she had. Her suggestions are crazy, luxurious and extravagant.

Why don’t you:

– give someone an enormous white handkerchief-linen table-cloth, and in different handwriting and in different colours (black, acid green, pink, scarlet and pale-blue) have embroidered all the bon mots you can possibly think of?

– give a case of vin rosé – a delicious wine for luncheon or simple dinners?

– give a length of exquisite brocade – enough for an evening envelope, to bind a favorite book, or make a little jacket?

– give Chanel’s ‘Glamour’? It drives men crazy.

– give a satin-finished platinum box with all the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in the world scooped together and smeared in a lovely design on the lid?

– give to the wife of your favorite band leader an entire jazz-band made of tiny banquette diamonds and cabochon emeralds in the form of a bracelet from Marcus?



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