Would you like to try the most delicious charlotte in St. Petersburg ?

New restaurant of Ginza Project includes the view of the Kazan Cathedral, a menu of the dishes from all around the world, affordable prices, its own pastry shop, and a small grocery store.

There are three rooms in “Sharlotcafe”: the first one – French brasserie – offers a light snack such as delicate desserts with a cup of cocoa behind the small tables, the second is a place for private conversations where you can find only  two tables and a fireplace, and  in the third room you can relax comfortably on a huge couch having a dinner.

In the cafe  interior coexist mirrors in massive gilt frames brought from Paris antique shop, wooden columns from the Brussels fair and crystal lighting balls.

The menu of Sharlotcafe is a unique mix of European, Italian, Russian and Asian cuisines.





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